From potbelly to flat stomach in 360

If you have a potbelly that’s clearly visible and you can't keep it as toned as you'd like – don't despair, there's a solution! 


Abdominal fat, chunky, bacon, love handles, fat, visceral fat ... Call it what you want, the fact is that fat on the abdomen is one of the most uncomfortable physical aspects. 

The reason why abdominal fat is so difficult to deal with is not only because of aesthetics, but also the role it plays in the health of an individual. Visceral fat (also called "subcutaneous") may be an indicator of a dangerous condition: did you know that visceral fat produces proteins that cause local and systemic inflammation? 

Abdominal fat burning requires a focused and strategic intervention. 

Eye on the liver 

The effective functioning of the liver is key to maintain a perfect silhouette. If the liver is overloaded with fat and toxins, then body fat accumulates on top of the abdomen. We must therefore protect and detoxify the body in order to ensure this does not happen. 

Take the first step: Hepafar 

Loved by many people all over the world,Hepafar is a top quality product that takes care of the liver and contributes to overall healthy functioning of the body by:

  • Promoting weight loss,
  • Eliminating fat from the liver
  • Being one of the few products that contain natural phospholipids that protect liver cells. 

Watch your diet

It is very important to pay attention to the effects of visceral fat. The goal is to limit or eliminate sugar, white bread, white flour and saturated fats, but at the same time to provide the body with the essential nutrients that make it capable of eliminating the subcutaneous fat. 

You are now ready for the second step: Dietstar 

The STAR of diets is a strong combination of active ingredients with proven effects reinforced by two studies conducted on people with overweight problems. Dietstar represents a valuable aid in any diet and has among important health benefits: 

  • Reducing the waistline,
  • Helping reduce abdominal fat,
  • Lowering triglycerides,
  • Reducing the thickness of skin folds on the abdomen. 

Pay attention to toxins 

Most abdominal fat is formed as a result of dangerous toxins that enter the body alongside food, water, chemicals etc. Without enough exercise, these toxins cannot be eliminated properly and they end up attacking the liver, which ultimately fails to perform its detox function. 

You are now ready for the third step: Algae Power 

Algae Power is the optimum combination of natural algae, including Brown alga and Chlorella that helps the body to detox and to eliminate excess toxins. Algae are also known for their role in the reduction of physical and psychological fatigue, and in reducing inflammation caused by excess of dangerous toxins. 

Algae Power prepares the body to lose weight by: 

Removing toxic substances and heavy metals from the body,

Promotingan optimal functioning of the immune system,

Increasing both physical and psychological strength and vitality. 

Flat tummy: the 360° packthat protects the liver, eliminates toxins and helps with weight loss

Flat tummy package is designed for those seeking to: 

  • Permanently get rid of abdominal fat,
  • Lose weight in a healthy and controlled way, without side effects,
  • Lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, introducing supplements that help in a natural way,
  • Detoxify and restore the functioning of the liver to prepare the body to lose weight healthily. 


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