This is what women are missing the most during the winter

Here’s a shocking fact: 86 % of Europeans don't consume the recommended 5 portions of fruits or veggies every single day. This is especially problematic in the colder months, when our bodies need even more support.

Pavlina: “I have lost weight and I feel better – I am one size smaller!”

Pavlina is a 53-year-old with a sedentary job behind the counter. When she was younger, she was happy with her body. “I used to have a slim figure, but as I got older, I gained 1 kg every year for 20 years.” She found out she had a sluggish thyroid.

Dorcas: "I noticed a decrease in the waist and belly within a week of taking Garcinia Slim"

Say hello to Dorcas, a busy mother of five. After every pregnancy, a little bit of the weight wouldn't budge, resulting in fat deposits around the thighs and a sagging belly. This made her lack confidence and she knew a change was needed.

Henna: “It finally feels like I’m leaving my problems behind”

Henna is a 34-year-old Factory Team Leader from Finland, who's long been battling with her weight fluctuation and severe lack of energy. Thanks to Sensilab products, she finally managed to turn the page – and her results are amazing!

Valentina: "The feelings of hunger that tormented me disappeared and I lost 8 kg!*"

Valentina had been looking for years for something that could help her get rid of a problem that had plagued her for too long

The dangers of sleep deprivation 

The struggle of not getting sufficient sleep is real! 1 in 3 adults suffer from sleep deprivation! In these strange times we live in, most of us have forgotten that lack of sleep can often lead to serious consequences for our body and mind.

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