Harri: "I lost 7 kilograms. My motivation is at an all-time high and I am happier than ever."

Harri works as an elementary school counsellor in Finland. After gaining a bit of weight, his confidence decreased and he felt like he needed a change. Hepafar products helped make it happen!

Ioana: "I lost more weight in a month than in the previous 6 years of dieting and exercising combined!"

My name is Ioana. I have a sedentary job and in my free time, I'm a travel blogger! Before the pandemic, I was constantly struggling with dieting and weight loss.

Tina: "I honestly believe that UNDO Collagen Drink helps me enormously!"

Collagen is the most common protein in our body and the building block of skin tissues. Because its production decreases with time, supplementing it is a must if we want to achieve a regeneration of skin from the inside.

The causes of joint pain

Joints form the connections between the various bones of the body, provide support and help us move. Whenever we experience joint pain, whether it's because of an injury or an illness, it affects our lifestyle and quality of life.

Oestrogen – the hidden enemy of men

Shrinking muscle mass, increased hair loss, tiredness, focus problems, mood swings, hot flashes, reduced sex drive, enlarged breast tissue… This may surprise you but these are not just the side effects of growing older...

The secret to a youthful look? These women swear by UNDO Collagen Drink!

Who wouldn’t want to keep the healthy, glowing skin and strong hair and nails of their youth?

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