Eva: “I thought I'd be bloated, tired, and irritable forever.”

After Eva turned 42, she started getting terrible insomnia, which made her feel irritable and tired all the time. She also started gaining some excess kilogrammes, especially around her belly. And to top it all off, she was constantly bloated, which made her look way heavier than she actually was. 

After months of struggles, she finally discovered the reason behind her problems. Today, her life is completely different: “I started sleeping like a baby, and I don’t feel bloated, heavy, drained or moody anymore. I wish I had known about these herbal capsules before!” 

Eva's Testimonial

“The blood test revealed how messed up my hormones were.”

“When the problems started, I first tried to figure it out by myself. However, after two months of failed attempts and hardships, I finally gave in and scheduled a doctor’s appointment.   

Upon hearing about my problems, the doctor immediately assumed I had a problem with hormonal imbalance. So, she signed me up for a blood test, and the results were shocking - my oestrogen was completely off the charts!” 

“I finally had an answer to all my problems.” 

“I found out I have something called oestrogen dominance, a hormonal imbalance characterised by weight gain, sleep troubles, bloating, irritability, and fatigue. When I learned that, I felt like the weight was lifted off my chest as I finally had an answer to all my problems. 

After I returned home, I started browsing the web to find a solution, and I came across a completely natural product called EstroLux.” 

Can hormonal balance really be restored naturally? 

“Before changing my whole lifestyle, I decided to give EstroLux a go. I really liked that the product was natural – it only contained herbs, algae, and vitamins. However, at the same time, I was sceptical. Can a hormonal imbalance really be fixed naturally? It seemed too good to be true.” 

“My sleep problems and extra kilos were gone!” 

“The first changes were subtle – I started sleeping better with each following night and had more energy throughout the day. Slowly, I was becoming my old, joyful self again. After a month, my biorhythm was completely back on track – I was getting a solid eight hours of sleep!  

I also started losing extra kilos and wasn’t bloated anymore. I didn’t think my belly fat was related to the oestrogen dominance, but once my belly started disappearing, I was convinced!” 

“I got my answer – hormones can be balanced naturally!” 

“After 2 months of taking EstroLux, my problems were gone. Because I had so much more energy, I even started cycling again! Hence, I started losing fat reserves that I couldn’t get rid of for years. 

I also decided to get my blood tests done again, and it turned out that my hormones were in the perfect balance. Now, it’s official – hormonal balance definitely can be restored naturally!” 

Oestrogen dominance, the 21st-century epidemic 

The reason behind Eva’s sleep troubles, abdominal obesity, bloating and fatigue was oestrogen dominance, which is one of the most common hormonal imbalances in modern women. 

That’s because the environment is burdened with xenoestrogens, or hormone (endocrine) disruptors. These artificial chemicals have a similar chemical structure to oestrogen and mimic its functions in the body. You can find xenoestrogens in microplastics, conventionally farmed dairy and meat products, cosmetics, makeup, and so on. 

Thousands of women have restored their hormonal balance with EstroLux 

EstroLux’s formula contains natural and powerful active ingredients that work together to restore your hormonal balance and reverse uncomfortable symptoms of high oestrogen. It is the only triple oestrogen detox on the market, which means it doesn’t only balance excess oestrogen but also dismantles it and expels it through the liver and gut. 

If you think you might be struggling with hormonal imbalance, EstroLux is the perfect choice for a natural hormonal detox. It's trusted by doctors and nutritionists and backed by numerous testimonials of women like Eva, who got their hormones and life back on track with EstroLux's help.  

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