How to trick yourself to lose 3 pounds in the next week

Go to the gym more often, eat less sweets, don't eat after 8 pm ... Yes, we all know the theory, but we often return to the same vicious circle and end up being desperate, ordering a pizza instead of going for a power-walk. What to do to succeed? Sometimes, a small step is much more effective than the bigger scale of a large project. We have a few small steps we would like to share with you.


It's interesting how a little progress can have visible and importanteffects. In fact, if you commit to three small changes you will soon notice: 

-You’re streamlining ultra fast 

-You have more energy 

-Your general health improves, but also that of your internal organs 

-Your skin becomes glossy 

Rule number one: do not sacrifice taste! 

If you want to eat healthy, there is no need to compromise on taste. Research has shown that eating with an appetite and a sense of contentment fastens toxin elimination encouraging a positive metabolism. In addition, consuming meals that are lean and unappetizing, will lead to you growing weary of the weight loss program!

Get rid of the foods that make you sick! 

Begin with clearing your fridge and cabinets of foods that are bad for your health. We need to fight emotional hunger, which is in no way tied to real hunger. Get rid of food that is bad for your health and which makes you feel guilty every time after you have eaten it. 

Be determined to not replace any of these foods for at least 10 days. 

It doesn’t take that long for your body to get used to new habits. This is why any change must be undertaken with a positive approach. The 10 days of determination will give you a boost to continue a healthy diet, so not only will you be losing weight, butyou’re staying healthy at the same time, and you will not be gaining anymore pounds after the diet!

The important thing is that you like whatever you eat, and that it makes you feel good.

Our nutritionists suggest this exchange of foods. To achieve the best result, combine your Favorites. 



Soda and sugary drinks

Water with lemon and Mint & infusions

Burger and fries

Steaks with grilled vegetables

Toast or croissants

Smoothie or dietary shake

Bread and rolls

Salads, eggs, olives, vegetables


Chocolate, nuts, berries


Fruit (strawberries, grapefruit, kiwi)

Sausages and processed meats

Chicken meat (not processed)


Greek Yoghurt


Red wine

 Gives a boost to your metabolism! 

When we want to get rid of excess pounds, it is extremely important to speed up the body's metabolism even when we don't exercise, in order to accelerate the burning of fat. 

Block unwanted fats and stimulate digestion with Metabolism BOOST!

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