The immune system needs training too

Do we need to train before attempting to run a marathon? Of course! The same applies to the immune system. We have to prepare the immune system for a microbial attack - the sooner, the better. 


How come? To return to the marathon metaphor – we strengthen our muscles and “ready to go” attitude way before the event. If we run a marathon unprepared, we’ll probably end the challenge in pain after just a few kilometres.

Microbes replicate in no time if our body is not ready

The same applies to our immune system. It’s easy to understand that it’s impossible to defeat an army that's 100-times stronger. And that’s exactly what can happen if an army of microbes (viruses or bacteria) doesn’t get stopped by an efficient immune defence in the form of our first-responders immune cells.

If our body lacks important immunity-supporting nutrients it can’t mount an efficient counter-attack against illness-causing microbes. This means our army is too weak because it can’t gather enough soldiers to fight back – even before microbes replicate in huge numbers.

Each cold is one too many

When microbes (viruses and bacteria) start replicating in huge numbers it puts a strain on our immune system. This means a cold will last longer and the risk of getting an ear or sinus infection rises.

Even when you’ll recover after a “never-ending” cold, your immune system will be overwhelmed and more vulnerable to catching another cold or some other virosis soon after.

Start strengthening your immune system now

If you know you’re always the first one to catch a cold or if you want to reduce your risk of catching a cold in general, it’s good to be prepared.

One of the most effective approaches is to support your immune system with the help of selected micronutrients – vitamins and minerals, especially if you take them soon enough. This way they’ll have the time to get your body ready for the microbial attack.

The evergreen recommendation is 5 a day, meaning 5 different pieces of vegetables and fruit, and consuming whole grain products. High-quality food supplements can be of great help, too.

Imuno Boost – 3 products in 1 for a stronger body defence

Imuno Boost strengthens the immune system at all 3 levels, the same way it works in the body. With the help of a superior form of vitamin C, Selenium, and Zinc, it supports all 3 levels of our immune defence. If the first and second level of our defences fail, there are bigger chances that at least the third will succeed!

Your immune system will fight like a lion

Imuno Boost has a triple effect because it supports all 3 lines of immune defence around which our protection against microbes is based:

1) It strengthens the first-line barriers in charge of intercepting invaders before they enter the body (skin, mucous membranes). Here, the hero ingredient is Ester-C®, a superior form of vitamin C with a 300% higher availability to the body, especially to the microbe-fighting white blood cells.

2) Sustains the fast-acting innate immune response which is the first to respond to an attack with a wide range of immune cells, but is less efficient. That’s the role of Selenium.

3) Supports the production of antibodies, which is the most specialised and efficient part of our defence against microbes. Zinc is the mineral that provides help in this aspect.

So don’t delay, act today! A microbial attack is as exhausting to our body as a marathon, especially if we lead an imbalanced lifestyle. The difference between those who experience bigger problems with microbes and those who manage them better is their immune system preparedness for a microbial attack.

You can fight and win – with the help of Imuno Boost that combines zinc, selenium, and a superior form of vitamin C with a 300% better availability to the body!