Lose up to 6 kg this autumn!

During autumn our body puts on a few extra pounds. What if you could look at yourself in the mirror without being distracted by the extra layers on your thighs and hips? Make autumn the new summer. Lose up to 6 kg this autumn!


... it's time to be privy to a new experience: there may be need for sacrifices, but all to reap great benefits and extraordinary results. 

To get an ideal figure in a short time we need something more than the usual diet and physical training. We will share with you the result of extensive studies in the form of a package of products that can give you great slimming results in just one month.

 The Slim 30-Days package offers a complete treatment for the loss of unwanted pounds allowing you to rediscover your ideal shape in just one month of treatment. 

Why start a diet with 30-Days Slim package? 

  • excellent results in only 30 days, 
  • with the package you will get the booklet with the full diet plan, recipes and information on physical exercises, 
  • the product ensures quick and visible results, 
  • effective in the melting of fat deposits due to its triple action: reduces appetite, stimulates fat burning and melts the accumulation of fat. 

Don’t just take our word for it: 

"I started the 30 days Slim package with a weight of 64 kg, I am 32 years old and I really wanted to get back in shape after my 3 pregnancies ... Get back my 22 years old body shape. Reading the booklet helped me find motivation and willpower, and after using the product I saw more and more obvious results every day. I continued with products like Malinie and Garcinia Slim ... And the results are visible. ... After 2 months of treatment, I am now 55 kg, my appetite has decreased significantly and I learned to be more careful in chosing healthy products. Sensilab helped me educate my lifestyle and gave me the ideal body... " GiusySiben

30-Days Slim contains three products that can stimulate the body to lose those extra kilos in a simple and natural way: 

  • Appetite Stop effectively decreases your appetite allowing you to eat less food and, therefore, lose weight.
  • Fat Burner slows the absorption of fat from food intake. Stimulates the melting of fat pads all over your body. Its dual action allows visible results in short time.
  • Metabolism Boost accelerates the loss of pounds even during sleep. Its metabolic stimulation allows you to burn fat even without excessive effort. 

The combination of products in the 30-Days packages Slim is a quick and effective solution to combat unwanted pounds because it acts on two levels:

1. decreases appetite;

2. accelerates the burning of fat deposits and stimulates the metabolism. 

The 30-Days package Slim for a quick and easy diet is recommended especially to: 

  • people engaged in their work with little time to plan diets and workouts,
  • people who cannot afford a diet with proper consistency but want to have visible slim line results within a month
  • people who need visible results in short time for special occasions such as weddings, celebrations or simply to confidently address the Bikini test,
  • people used to follow the latest trends in dieting and nutrition.

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