Losing weight is as easy as drinking a glass of water!

Water is the most important and healthiest beverage in the world. We must not forget that it is an integral part of every cell and the basis of all biological processes. Sometimes, however, it may the body accumulates excess fluid visible in the swelling of extremities and the belly, ultimately leading to overweight.


Water retention ... 

... can completely ruin our weight loss program. Excess water leads to accumulating pounds; making us think we cannot achieve the desired results, ultimately leading to loss of willpower "I don't think I can do this." 

Excess fluid in the body causes swelling in the arms, legs, ankles, face and comes with a strong feeling of being bloated and heavy. 

Among the most common causes for water retention are changes in temperature, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise, allergies, liver congestion, renal failure and the increased amount of toxins accumulated with the consumption of processed food, polluted air, unfiltered water, smoking and alcohol.

Address the problem with the right strategy 

If water retention is not a result of some serious illness, but only the result of our eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, we can fix it quickly in a simple and natural way. 

If we set up the right strategy to counteractwater retention, we can make a significant contribution to weight loss! 

More fiber, less salt 

Chips, popcorn and other snacks contain large amounts of iodine, leading to excess fluid retention. The body needs about 2000-2500 mg of iodine per day (about one teaspoon of salt). Replace salt with other spices, like garlic, ginger, black pepper or chili. Don't forget the fiber: it plays an important role in purifying the digestive system, kidneys, which in turn contribute to the elimination of liquids. 

More exercise, less processed snacks 

Sweating is important for a healthy body. Through perspiration the body eliminates the excessive amount of iodine and other toxins. Exercise not only activates the metabolism, but it is also vital for the elimination of excess fluid. When exercisingstay away from packaged snacks or other processed foods: choose unsalted nuts, snacks made with cereals and dried fruits and, in particular, avoid sports drinks and instead keep yourself hydrated with filtered water. 

Natural diuretics that support the functioning of the liver and kidneys 

Slimcut Drainer is an efficient combination of 4 active ingredients of natural origin. Contains Black radish, Java tea, sarsaparilla and Dandelion: 

  • effectively prevents water retention,
  • represents a valid support in weight loss or diet detox,
  • allows efficient excretion of toxins and dangerous substances,
  • supports liver function and kidney function.

Black radish, Java tea, sarsaparilla and dandelion are completely natural sources and are the ideal combination for the purification of the body helping to eliminate excess fluids, while being a valuable support for the liver (dandelion) and for weight loss (Java tea). Toxins are eliminated from the digestive tract (sarsaparilla) and the kidneys and bladder work smoothly (Black radish).

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