One work:detox

Health, wellness and weight loss of each person depend on how the liver removes and eliminates toxins from the body. DO you take enough care of your liver?


The liver has a dual role. It is the main organ of detoxification, as well as a digestive organ. In the holidays, liver must have over-worked and what can you do to fuel it? 

When the liver is blocked ...

We are exposed daily to high levels of toxins and heavy nutrients through our food, water, air and household products. This accumulation prevents normal absorption of nutrients , carbohydrates and proteins.

When the liver is so busy working to filter all these toxins, it has very little power to filter blood, hormones, let alone to do his job as a digestive organ. All this then makes the weight loss almost impossible. 

One rule

For those who want effective results to weight loss and slimming, just follow one rule:  do a liver cleanse twice a year.  Performing a liver detoxification, at least twice a year will eliminate the foreign substances that may be trapped in the liver and make way for effective weight loss both natural and effortless. 

How to know if your liver needs detox?

Here are the 7 main signs:

  • Bloating and abdominal fat 
  • feeling drowsy or sadness continues
  • changes in skin color and urine
  • difficulty digesting fatty foods
  • heartburn and acid reflux
  • low fever and excessive sweating
  • unexplained weight gain and inability to lose weight even with the caloric restriction

In any case, it will be useful to follow a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Alcoholic and soft drinks should be avoided, as well as smoking. You should prefer white meat and lean fish cooked without fat and seasoned only with extra virgin olive oil, preferably raw. 

Detoxification of the liver with the 30-day program

The program of 30 days 30 Days Liver Detox includes three products to provide the necessary support to the liver clock. 

The Package 30 Days Liver Detox also includes a guide with tips, recipes and directions for the 30-day detox cure. In addition, you will receive a handy pillbox  to store capsules while traveling or simply just for work.