Protecting Your Hair This February

Few tips for shinning hair


Let’s face it, these cold mornings aren’t doing your hair any good. We may be on the right side of winter now, but it’s still only February and we’ve got quite a while till those warm, spring days come around! So, what can you be doing to protect your luscious locks? Here are four tips to help you protect your hair this winter!Reduce how often you wash your hair in a week.

1. Reduce how often you wash your hair in a week. 

 The cold dehydrates the scalp, causing your hair to become dry and frizzy. By only washing your hair two or three times a week, you will prevent any further dryness and will be protected by your hairs natural oil. Also, when you do treat yourself to a shampoo, make sure your hair is completely dry before stepping out into the cold!

2. Use an oil-based moisturiser

             You can really help your hair by purchasing an oil-based moisturiser this winter. Before washing, apply a warm oil moisturiser to your hair and scalp, or alternatively use olive oil. Leave in for around two hours then wash out with shampoo. This is a sure-fire way to keep away that winter dryness!

3. Cover your hair when going out. 

             As mentioned above, the cold air wreaks havoc on our hair but sadly we can’t all hibernate on the sofa during winter! So, the next best thing does to is protect your hair by covering it up when heading outside. If you want to avoid ‘hat hair’, you can always wrap a thin silk scarf around your head before putting your beanie on. This way you get the benefits of protecting your hair but won’t look like you’ve just woken up! 

4. Take a hair supplement

              For some of us, it seems that no matter how many preventions we put in place, our hair just can’t handle the cold. It could be genetic or possibly you are simply living in a ridiculously cold climate. Never fear, however, you no longer have to live in a constant state of ‘hair anxiety’ during these winter months!

             Nutrishine® is a unique, 100% natural hair protection supplement that reduces hair loss whilst promoting growth, strength, and brightness. Using a natural keratin soluble,     Cynatine®HNS, Nutrishine® naturally repairs and protects your hair. During a clinical trial, 100% of participants found Nutrishine®reduced hair loss. Nutrishine®is the perfect supplement to help you protect your hair this winter!