Quick and low-carb diet for an effective weight loss!

Carbohydrates should be the basis of any healthy diet as they provide a source of energy for all body cells. Excess of carbohydrates can be problematic, and so are foods with a high glycemic index as they break down quickly into simple sugars. An efficient metabolism will then store the sugar as fat and eventually pounds begin to pile up if we eat more than our body needs.


The low carb diet restricts carbohydrates intake and encourages a greater intake of protein. 

The biggest advantage oflosing weight with the low carb diet is the "automatic weight loss." The feeling of satiety is prolonged automatically, which leads to eating less food and eventually losingtwice the weightlost as a result of other diets. In addition, the low carb diet helps burn more fat due to ketosis. The term 'to go into ketosis ' means having a deficit of blood sugars, resulting in the body’s use of stored fat reserves. 

Another advantage of protein diets is that proteins have highly thermogenic properties – this means that our body requires slightly more energy to digest them. We burn around 20% -30% of calories from foods we consume in order to digest them.

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Dinner: chicken with vegetables 

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Yes, you have to give up carbohydrates, but in 10 days you will have excellent results!

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After a period of dietary restriction there is always the concern that the body will go back to gaining weight and that the change of habits and physical activity will not last. 


Garcinia is a small tropical fruit that comes from Indonesia where it acts as a very important ingredient of the local power supply. In recent times it has attracted the attention of scientists and nutritional experts because of its potential impact in the regulation of body weight and the slowing down of excessive food craving. 

GarciniaCambogia works by slowing the excessive food cravingthat occurs during stressful situations. It contains extract of hydroxycitric acid (60% HCA) that prevents the transformation of ingested food into fat.

Assorbico acid or vitamin C is a soluble vitamin with antioxidant action that protects our cells from oxidative stress. Its action is also linked to the biosynthesis of carnitine, a protein molecule that affects the breakdown of fats. Carnitine deficiency leads to accumulation of fat.

Chromium is a mineral essential to the proper functioning of our body. It has direct effects on the operation of insulin and helps to optimize blood sugar metabolism.


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