Sensilab and the Vegan Revolution

In 2006, there were a reported 150,000 UK residents who followed a vegan diet, today there are 542,000. That's a 360% increase in just 10 years! The Vegan Society now believe that veganism is one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements.


Some of the biggest names on the planet are now calling themselves vegans too, from Liam Hemsworth to Ariana Grande to Stevie Wonder. 

So, clearly there are countless benefits of following a vegan diet, including reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, healthier skin, stronger hair and so much more. 

 Plenty of nutrition companies have focused their product range on veganism recently and we at Sensilab are arguably doing the most (if we may say so ourselves!).

 A total of 22 of our products are vegan friendly, that compares to Reflex Nutrition’s 10, BioSynergy’s 2 and MaxiNutrition having none! We work tirelessly to guarantee that all our customers can reach their supplement needs, whatever the conditions!

 We aren't stopping there either, we have 40 leading scientists across Europe working each day to design and create new, natural, state of the art vegan supplements just for you. 

 Many of these supplements aren't just vegan friendly, they are also gluten free and genetically modified free (GMO), ensuring you are only getting the very best, natural and highly effective supplements on the market. We truly believe that to achieve a higher quality of life, we must go back to nature. As a result, you won't find any unnecessary, unnatural chemicals in our products! 

 Check out our huge vegan, gluten free and GMO free range now and make sure to come back regularly as you can be sure we will be adding new, 100% natural, expert-approved products soon! 

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