Signs of hormonal imbalance - common but often overlooked

If you are a woman over 35, then you may have already noticed hormonal changes in your body.


The symptoms are more severe for some than for others. These, unfortunately, are very difficult to detect.

How do you know if you have a hormonal imbalance?

There are many symptoms that tell you this.

Two main hormones are directly responsible for the temperature fluctuations that characterise this period.

Read on and see if you have any of the symptoms!

Cortisol ➡stress hormone

✔ Feeling overwhelmed because of daily commitments. You have no time for breaks and you drink too much coffee or smoke too much

✔ Irritability and moodiness

✔ You have recently gained fat in your abdominal area

✔ Depression-specific symptoms - you quickly cry, feel sad, eat or drink emotionally

✔ You cannot get enough rest, or else you wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep

✔ Sweet or carb cravings

✔ Digestive problems: bloating, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation

✔ Weak immune system - common colds

✔ Acute premenstrual syndrome - headache, abdominal pain, mood swings

Thyroid ➡ regulates metabolism

Signs of an underactive thyroid

✔ Weight gain (diets do not work)

✔ Constant fatigue

✔ Sudden mood swings

✔ Bloating

✔ Headaches or joint pain

✔ Feeling cold (body and limbs)

✔ Hair loss

✔ Dull nails and skin

✔ High cholesterol

Signs of an overactive thyroid

✔ Palpitations

✔ High pressure

✔ Anxiety and panic attacks

✔ Excessive sweating

✔ Weight loss

✔ Sticky sensation in the throat

✔ Thyroid problems in the family

If you have ticked more than three symptoms in any category, you very likely have a hormonal imbalance.

Many symptoms occur in all three categories. The part where you showed the most symptoms indicates which hormonal imbalance is prevalent.