Stops the formation of cellulite



 What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the altered subcutaneous tissue that is rich in fat cells, the result can be a skin orange peel. It is a substance similar to the gelatin, consists of fat, water and waste substances. This plague meets from '  80 to 90 percent of women . Collagen fibers in the woman's body are distributed in a parallel way and therefore the pressure of fat cells accumulated in the upper layers of the skin is not smooth. Because of the crossed position of the collagen fibers cellulite is much less common among men. 

Reasons for the formation of cellulite  image

 The main reason for the formation of cellulite is:

  • lifestyle
  • the unhealthy eating
  • too little movement

The visibility of cellulite depends on the amount of fat and the thickness and the compactness of the upper layers of the skin.

With the increase of fat cells in the deepest part of the skin decreases the intercellular space. It increases pressure on blood flow and lymph and circulation are opposed. The extreme consequences of poor circulation are the accumulation of liquids and waste substances, the lack of oxygen and a reduced flow of nutrients.

Cellulitis is also free radicals. These cells destroy collagen and elastin, which decreases the amount of connective tissue. The production of elastin and collagen decreases even further with age. Because the cells of the connective tissue and skin are weakened, the fat cells from the deep layers seek to rise to the surface, which causes the skin orange peel.

To eliminate cellulite lose weight is not enough?

Weight loss and physical activity are very important to get rid of cellulite, but not enough. The reduction in body weight affects the reduction of body fat percentage but does not eliminate the problem of the connective tissue and the weakened skin cells.

Eliminate cellulite from the inside!

The elimination of cellulite is a lasting and definitely not an easy process, so be certain to ensure that it does not form at all. We address the problem proactively and not just healing with different creams and massages. These creams do not eliminate cellulite but make it less visible.

The problem of cellulite must be tackled in a comprehensive manner. It's important to:  

  • accelerate the circulation
  • preventing the storage of fat and stimulate their use
  • establish order in skin texture

Besides performing the regular stop-cellulite exercise by drinking plenty of water, taking healthy food and adequate active ingredients that act where cellulite is formed, then in the subcutaneous layer.

  • Grapeseed extract is a strong antioxidant. It helps to regenerate the skin and restores elasticity. It increases vascularisation, which is reflected in a lower water block and an increases the circulation.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) reduces the accumulation of fat in fat cells.
  • The Aronia extract inhibits the enzymes responsible for the degradation of collagen and elastin. Strengthens the capillaries and thereby increases the blood supply.