How bad are sugary drinks for your health?

Sweet juices and carbonated drinks contain large quantities of sugar and/or fructose. Besides that, they’re also full of artificial flavourings and dyes.

Despite their popularity, it’s a well-known fact that they’re bad for the health and can be linked to obesity, dental issues and various chronic illnesses.


Even though most people are aware of how unhealthy sugary drinks are, some find it very hard to give them up.

What makes it such a hard habit to kick?

It’s not just a matter of willpower - there are biochemical reactions in the brain involved!

There is an area of the brain called the “reward zone”. It’s responsible for providing a “reward” when a person performs an action related to survival - like providing sustenance. When we eat or drink, the body releases dopamine, also known as “the pleasure hormone”. The brain then continues to look for activities that would stimulate dopamine production, and one of the handiest ways is through food.

The problem with sugary drinks is that they stimulate the secretion of large amounts of dopamine - which is where the vicious cycle starts. Research has shown that sugar has a higher coefficient of dependence than cocaine.

Here are some good reasons for giving up sugary drinks:

  • Weight gain. Not just sugar, these drinks are also highly caloric and can stimulate the appetite.
  • Sugary drinks have been associated with certain chronic diseases. Studies have shown that people who frequently consume sugary drinks are at a higher risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • Contributes to the development of fatty liver disease. The breakdown of fructose in the liver leads to a build-up of fat.
  • Dental hygiene. Sugar promotes an acidic environment in the mouth, which is bad for dental health!
  • Acne. Sugary drinks have been linked to the development of moderate or even severe acne.
  • Speeds up the ageing process. Research suggests that people who frequently drink sugary drinks are more prone to develop wrinkles prematurely.
  • Reduces energy levels. Large amounts of sugar can cause a sudden increase in blood sugar levels - but it decreases just as suddenly!

But there is some good news!

Low-calorie sweeteners are a good way of reducing the number of calories in sweet treats and sugary drinks.

One of the most commonly used sweeteners is sucralose. It adds sweetness, without the calories and carbs. Sucralose is not absorbed by the body and used for energy and is instead expelled.

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