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Scientists have discovered that every woman belongs to a specific group of body shape (or silhouette). Of course this does not mean that we are all the same, but understanding the specific group of body shape we belong to is important for our lifestyle choices so we can improve certain aspects of our form and hide others.


Finding your ideal weight is not easy. And we turn to various diets in order to lose weight but, often, instead of losing weight, we end up gaining more weight. Not all diets are suitable for all women. To differentiate them we need to be aware of our metabolic structure and constitution. Here is a classification of the main types of female bodies with suggestions for when needed to lose weight 

  PEAR shaped

 In the case of a pear shaped silhouette fat stores itself primarily on the outer side of the buttocks, hips and thighs. The upper body appears less pronounced than the lower one. Women who belong to this body shape take in weight more slowly than other shapes, but do this progressively.




APPLE shaped

In the case of the Apple shaped body the accumulation of fat is located primarily above the waist, stomach and chest, all this giving the body a stockylook. This silhouette is likea little harmonica because the upper part of the figure is wider than the lower one. Metabolism is slow enough, so your body burns calories more slowly. For this body shape we recommend complex carbohydrates and aerobic exercise.



Hourglass figure 

In the case of the hourglass figure your upper body is proportionally relative in keeping with the lower one and the waistline remains proportionate and thin. Women with this silhouette are considered lucky in that they naturally have a harmonic body and even when gaining a few pounds this harmony won't disappear immediately. Although the hourglass can silhouette, can easily move into the danger zone, with an excessive diet and lack of exercise.



Rectangle shape 


In the case of the rectangle shape your legs and arms are long, oval face and thin bones. Women who have this constitution tend to distribute excess fat evenly throughout the body, the waistline is always visible and the thighs remain relatively thin. Although women with this silhouette usually have a good metabolic, hormonal balance they too may gain weight as a result of an imbalanced diet.

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