Aideen: “I feel healthy and happy to be back to a size I feel comfortable at.”

24-year-old Aideen put on a lot of weight when she became pregnant. Thanks to two beautiful kids and significant improvements to her body shape, Aideen is now finally more comfortable in her skin and motivated to keep the course. 


“I hated my body”

"I would describe my body as pear-shaped, but it hasn’t always looked like this, I put on a lot of weight once I became pregnant."

When asked about her attitude towards her body, Aideen’s answer doesn’t come as a surprise: “I hated my body. I hated being overweight. I felt unfit and it really made me feel unmotivated.”

Aideen, like many other women around the world, felt terrible about her body and it affected her mood, way of life and confidence. 

But then – a solution!

Luckily for Aideen, her partner’s mother had been taking the Fat OUT! capsules and has said they really helped her shift the weight. “She got me a box and I stayed on them as they really did help!”
Aideen decided to use the brand as she had been doing intermittent fasting and it was helping her lose some weight, but “I felt I needed something extra to kick start the weight loss.” According to Aideen, that really made a difference and gave her a boost of energy too.

First results within a month!

Aiden has been using the Fat OUT! T5 Superstrength capsules for about 5 months now and the first results showed quickly: “I would say about a month into taking the capsules, I noticed the weight came off a lot quicker, the numbers on the scales were actually going down!”*

“I am a lot more comfortable in my body now”

Aideen was particularly impressed with two of its benefits: “I had a lot more energy taking them and felt full quicker when I ate. The weight came off very quick with them for sure.”*
When asked about how she felt about her body now, Aideen responds: ‘I am a lot more comfortable in my body now. I still have a bit more to go, but I am happy! Now I feel healthy and happy to be back to a size I feel good at. I have more energy and just a more positive outlook.”

FatOUT! T5 – a powerful aid in weight loss

FatOUT! T5, backed by science and loved by thousands of people around the world desperate to make a change, affected Aideen in a highly positive way: “It has changed the way I eat and it has changed my relationship with food and helped keep me motivated.’ 

Thanks to the long-lasting thermogenic effect, the FatOUT! T5 Superstrength capsules burn fat day in, day out. The capsules also soothe physical and mental stress, resulting in less emotional eating, lower calorie intake and higher energy levels.
The 5-in-1 capsules are a universal fat burner, enriched with iron, iodine, chromium and vitamin B3, and most loved because they prevent your weight loss progress from stagnating. *
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*Results may vary. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle are important.