Anja: “People aren’t aware of the long-term consequences of stress”

Over 22% of adults in Europe are reporting experiencing an unhealthy amount of daily stress. The state of unending readiness can be exhausting for the body and mind, and consequences can be severe and long-lasting. Anja, an economist, reflexologist and mother of two school-age children, shared her story about coping with severe stress.


Anja started feeling truly overwhelmed about three years ago when every area of her life seemed to be imploding - health, career and personal relationships: “I felt like life was going in the wrong direction and that my general life energy had changed drastically. The biggest challenge for me was the daily chores and taking care of my children.”

“A burned-out person can’t be an effective parent”

Anja felt like she lost herself: “When it rains, it pours. I was sweeping my problems under the rug for a long time and that was the main reason why I reached that low point - I just wasn’t taking care of myself properly. I didn’t have any real will to do the things that I used to love.”

The influence of daily stress shows itself in all areas of life: “Everything in life is affected by it - a burned-out person can’t be an effective parent or an effective employee or businessperson. It just can’t work. When your energy is dwindling, you’re just going through the motions without actually experiencing life.”

Finally, a solution: AdrenaLux!

A person close to Anja recommended AdrenaLux to her: “I found out about this product after a close friend told me about how effective it was in fighting stress and that it was completely natural.”

It’s never easy to open up about our struggles: “Unfortunately, using medication or supplements to help with your mental health problems still has a stigma attached to it. People aren’t really aware of what the long-term consequences of stress are and how hard it is to bounce back.”

“AdrenaLux gave me momentum”

Soon after she started using AdrenaLux, Anja started noticing an improvement: “On a physical level, I noticed that my hair stopped falling out. In a word, it was as if an enormous weight was lifted and my body could handle everyday challenges better.”

How does it work?

AdrenaLux is a revolutionary hormone-free dietary supplement that helps regulate the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, and helps relieve the symptoms of physical and psychological stress. It contains a patented ashwagandha extract, Sensoril®, and ginseng. Research has shown that it helps reduce insomnia, as well as the effects of stress and improves concentration.

Based on her wonderful experience with it, Anja would also recommend it: “I would recommend the product to anyone that feels like they lack energy and that internal drive that keeps us going.”

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