Mission: Flat Stomach

Miki is a musician and he's been very active this Autumn. He's been intensively promoting new music, but despite all the stress and new commitments, he feels healthier than he has in a long time.

He didn’t have to do anything drastic. Miki found a simple solution and noticed changes within the first week.


*[Results may vary. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for successful weight loss.]

Miki is a full-time musician, which isn’t exactly synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. After he turned 50, he started paying more attention to his health and wanted to take better care of himself. Easier said than done, especially when you’re constantly on the road, rehearsing, recording and performing.

“A balanced diet, regular exercise and getting enough sleep is difficult when you’re on a normal schedule, let alone one that’s completely jumbled like mine. My wife is amazing and she makes sure we eat healthy balanced meals at home. But when I’m performing, on the road in good company - I like to indulge in a good meal and have a drink or two.”

“My weakness is fried chicken!”

We all have our weaknesses when it comes to dieting and Miki’s is fried chicken. And late dinners. And sweet and carbonated drinks.

These habits, combined with irregular eating, lack of physical activity, irregular sleep and lack of hydration are a perfect formula for feeling sluggish, fat accumulation around the abdomen and weight gain. Miki found himself trapped in a vicious cycle.

“When I first started thinking about my health, I decided that I needed a big change. My lifestyle was putting me on the fast track to serious health problems. I needed something that worked! When I spoke about my troubles openly with friends, I got a lot of encouragement and tips. I was surprised at how many people have had a similar experience. Many of them mentioned that the liver might be at fault.”

Mission: flat stomach

“When we’re touring, I eat like a king. Sweet, sour, salty and alcoholic treats - which can be very stressful for the body. If I regularly clean the filter in my car, why wouldn’t I do the same for my internal filter, the liver? I decided to make the health of my liver my top concern.”

Miki also wanted a flatter belly! He discovered the perfect way: a combination of Hepafar and AquaSlim.** “Many of my friends recommended these products and me and my wife were happy to see that they’re both made from natural ingredients.”

Both of these two amazing products are combined in the Stomach-Away Bundle: Hepafar Forte capsules provide detoxification and strengthening of the liver, while AquaSlim** drains excess water and reduces bloating. This double detoxifying effect means that the effects are visible very quickly.

The results were noticeable in just one week*

“I decided to go for it! I started on the spur of the moment and I never regretted it. I even consulted a nutritionist to find out where I’ve been making mistakes in my diet, what to change and how to do it.”

Lifestyle changes can be crucial for liver health. If only we could press a button to make us fit and healthy in an instant! Miki hasn’t reached his end goal yet, but he’s making great progress: “The results are worth the effort!”

Miki noticed promising changes after a week of regular use of these products.* “I was left speechless when I could tighten my belt a couple of notches tighter. When that happens, you feel like there’s no mountain top you can’t conquer. I haven’t felt this good in years!”

*[Results may vary. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for successful weight loss.]

Follow Miki’s example, cleanse your liver and detox your body!

We’d love to support you on your journey. That’s why we’ve prepared a special offer on the Stomach-Away Bundle, which includes all the products that helped Miki so much.

**Miki used a previous version of the product. Try the new version now!

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