Simona: “The testimonials are real!”

Simona, an economist from Romania, confesses that after she turned 30, her sedentary lifestyle and lack of time lead her to gain some weight.


She tried several diets, but the yo-yo effect turned out to be her biggest enemy. She would lose about 15 kilograms, but as soon as she stopped following the diet, she’d gain it all back.

She really wanted to return to her former figure and avoid the risk of health problems associated with obesity, so she kept looking for a solution.

She finally found it online!

“I decided to try Sensilab products because they’re all-natural and I really liked how it was all presented on their website,” Simona says.

In the first month, she tried AdipoSlim and FatBurn EXTREME. After that, for the second month, she tried a combination of AquaSlim, FatBurn, AdipoSlim and NightBurn.

“After a month, I lost 5 kilograms”

Simona combined the products with some simple lifestyle changes and lost 5 kilograms within the first month.* “Most of all, I noticed that the products helped reduce my appetite significantly,” she reports.

In the second month, Simona lost another 3 kilograms - that’s a total of 8 kilograms in 2 months, with no radical changes or sacrifices!*

“I’m feeling much better now”

In addition to losing weight, Simona noticed an overall improvement in how she felt. She would get tired less easily, had more energy during the day and her sleep improved too!

“The products really worked for me”

“I found that all the claims and testimonials are real - the products worked for me too!” Simona enthuses.

Simona says she’ll continue using the products until she reaches all her weight-loss goals!


*[Results may vary. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which are important.]

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