Valentina: “I almost forgot that I was going through menopause”

Two years ago, when Valentina turned 51, she began to experience the first symptoms of menopause: hot flushes, headaches, high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, fatigue, weakness and sometimes even anxiety.


“I started looking for a natural remedy”

These symptoms were significantly diminishing Valentina’s quality of life: “That’s why I decided to look for a natural remedy, something that would do me no more harm than good. I found MenaGold and decided to try it!”

“After 3 weeks I could forget that I was going through menopause”

While she was sceptical at first, Valentina quickly realised that she wouldn’t regret giving this product a shot: “I noticed the first results after only 3 days. The hot flushes began to diminish and after 10 days disappeared completely. The other symptoms gradually disappeared too. After 3 weeks of taking MenaGold, I could almost forget that I was going through menopause at all!”

“I sleep much better and headaches have become a rarity,” says Valentina.

“Thank you for helping me get my life back!”

Valentina recommends MenaGold to everyone that’s going through menopause and is struggling with menopausal symptoms: “I recommend it to all women who are having a similar experience!”

MenaGold - the only natural product on the market that helps restore hormonal balance during menopause:

  • Proven efficiency
  • Reduces hot flushes
  • No extreme perspiration during the night
  • Ensures a more restful sleep

*Valentina used a previous version of this product. Try the improved version now!

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