Three Methods for Natural Menopausal Relief

Menopause is something all women must go through, with many finding it a difficult and frustrating time. Over the years more and more methods have been designed to help provide menopausal relief but most are medical procedures such as HRT.


. If you want to tackle your menopausal symptoms in a natural, danger-free way then read on below to find out three 100% natural methodsfor menopausal relief.


Dieting can truly be your best friend when it comes to tackling menopause. Your body is going through a large number of changes so providing it with the correct nutrition can help ease the discomfort you may be facing.

Let’s look at some of the most common symptoms women face and how you can provide relief by simply changing what you eat.

Hot Flushes:

To help avoid the dreaded hot flushes, cut out stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and spicy foods. If you really feel like you need a coffee or some spicy food, consume them before the evening/night as these are the times hot flushes can be their worse. Everyone is different so it’s best to write down foods you had eaten prior to any hot flush you experience. That way, you can begin to learn the patterns and become your own expert at avoiding them.

Low Mood:

Due to the hormonal changes, menopausal women can be more prone to experiencing low mood, depression and irritability. To counter this through dieting, you must ensure you are consuming the amino acid tryptophan. It helps produce serotonin, which supports your mood as well as aids appetite and sleep. Tryptophan can be found in foods such as turkey and chicken breast, cottage cheese, milk and nuts.


Fatigue is a symptom almost all women face when going through menopause. It can increase irritability, quality of your work and social life as well as increasing the chances of catching common illnesses. To tackle tiredness and fatigue, cut out sugary snacks. A spike in your glucose levels may provide you with a fast energy boost but it will as quickly leave you feeling even more exhausted. Fill your cupboards with fresh fruit and nuts to avoid any temptations.

There are plenty of other symptoms that can be reduced in intensity through careful dieting too. Check out the NHS webpage for menopause and dieting to get further information on what you can be doing. 


A recent study reported by CNN found that women who led sedentary lifestyles (who exercised less than three times a week) were 28% more likely to experience severe menopause symptoms.

In the same study they found that less active women were 21% more likely to face hot flushes and 17% more likely to deal with low mood or depression.

There’s no end of benefits from exercising normally, so clearly doing so when you are going through menopause has its advantages too! One of the best forms of exercise you can do in your 50s is yoga or Pilates. Not only will they keep you fit and flexible but they will also help you feel far less stressed during this difficult period. A study published by Menopause International found yoga was beneficial in relieving symptoms as well as meditation. It also reported that moderate exercise can keep hot flushes away for up to 24 hours after a workout!

It’s best to aim for 30 minutes of exercise, three days a week, this doesn’t have to be hard-core weightlifting or marathon training either. Brisk walks or jogs are ideal all year round and maybe consider going for a small walk during your lunch breaks at work, it all adds up!


As your body is going through all these chemical changes, providing it with extra nutrition canreally do the world of good. You can choose between buying several different supplements or purchase an ‘all in one’ supplement that contains the major ingredients to tackle menopause symptoms.

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