Visceral fat: imperfection or a health problem?

Fighting visceral fat is much more important than you thought: but not because it is an imperfection, but because it can indicate specific health issues.


Visceral fat on the abdominal area, it means you are more likely to develop: 

  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • insulin resistance,
  • in certain cases: cancer. 

If until now you didn't get any results with diets and exercise, you probably need to look for reasons in aging of metabolism in hepatic steatosis (fat liver), hormonal imbalance or other genetic factors.

Fact: Almost everyone has unwanted fat around the waistline, even people who seem slim. This is completely normal.

The problem arises with increasing visceral fat – which can become dangerous to your health. 

Fat is formed in two body parts: 

  • under the skin,
  • around the organs (heart, lungs, liver, etc.) 

The latter represents the problem: the so-called visceral fat. Nowits main function is to protect the internal organs.But it gets worse when visceral fat is on the rise: this can cause high blood pressure, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer cell development. 

Fat is not a static part, but a part of the body completely active. It is basically a container for toxins that can threaten our body health. 

How much fat do you have? 

MRI is the most accurate way of determining how much fat you have. 

But you can do the following test at home. 

Measure the circumference of your waist with a tape measurer: 

  • the circumference of women must not exceed 88 cm,
  • the circumference of men must not exceed 100 cm. 

But this is not always the case! Even slender people have visceral fat, especially if they don't do any physical activity. 

Sensilab recommends 

30 DAYS Liver Detox for optimal liver cleansing and detoxification. Purifying the liver will help fight visceral fat.

The 30-day program includes a special diet, easy to follow, which includes foods that speed up and facilitate the breakdown and purificationof fats.

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