What does the liver have to do with weight loss?

Losing weight in a healthy way takes time. It all starts from the liver! Learn why ...


The liver is the organ responsible for filtering the fats and toxins that enter the body. It is for this reason that the liver "suffers" if you: 

• breathe polluted air, 

• drink alcohol and sugary fizzy drinks, 

• eat fat foods and highly processed foods, 

• do not do any exercise, 

• are constantly under stress and 

• do not get enough sleep. 

A fat liver can lead to a variety of symptoms such as malaise, decreased immunity, lack of energy and even weight gain. All of this leads to the inflammation of the liver. It is very important to keep the liver healthy and to ensure its effective functioning. 

If you decide to lose weight without giving attention to the signs of a fat liver, your goal will be extremely difficult to reach because the fundamental processes of the organism will not be in harmony: 

• metabolism and digestion will be slow, 

• the muscles do not regenerate properly so they will consume less energy 

• the fat will melt slowly, 

• nervous system also might feel the consequences and this could lead to anxiety, fatigue, increased consumption of sugary foods and fluctuations in body weight. 

For taking care of your liver we suggest 30 Days Liver Detox. It is a unique product because it takes care of the liver day and night and contains combinations of natural plants with beneficial properties for the liver (milk thistle, dandelion, etc.) 

30 Days Liver Detox, in combination with Malinie (Raspberry ketones-the ultimate fat burning) form a potent formula to get rid of the fat accumulated by the liver!

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