Why are our brains shrinking and how can we stop it?

Did you know that an overwhelmingly sedentary lifestyle can shrink your brain? Researchers from Los Angeles University came to the conclusion that parts of the brain responsible for creating new memories are the most affected.


The authors of the survey, published in 2018, surveyed 35 people between the ages of 45 and 75 about their daily habits and physical activities. Magnetic resonance imaging was performed for all of them.

Based on the results, a team of neuroscientists came to the conclusion that long-term sitting has a negative impact on the parts of the brain responsible for creating memories. Middle-aged and elderly people are most at risk.

In severe cases, this can lead to a decline in cognitive abilities.

Have you noticed that you’re getting more and more forgetful?

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    Combined with taking Ginkgo Gold, we recommend:

    • exercise - to improve circulation and oxygen supply
    • a healthy diet - to supply the brain with nutrients
    • memory exercises (like crosswords)

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