Why Women Need Multivitamins

Is it essential for a woman to be on any multivitamin supplement?


For several decades now doctors and health experts have continuously spoke about the importance of multivitamins and their humungous benefits, especially for women. Yet, not many people seem to understand why multivitamins are so vital for our health. Let's have a look at some of the key reasons why they are so important! 

1.What we eat daily 

The food we eat now is very different to that of our ancestors. Many would of lived off their own natural resources through farming and were not subjected to processed foods. They weren't able to pop down to their local Tesco’s for a quick oven meal and consequently were healthier than the typical 21st century lady.  

There's no need to beat yourself up though, times have changed but one thing that hasn't changed, is our need for a whole host of vitamins to stay healthy and happy!  

2.The demands of life 

Not only have our food habits changed from our ancestors’ but so has our work and social life. It seems that the 9-5, leave you work at work days are long gone. With the advancement of technology you're never far from the office, whether that's through emails, calls or texts. 

This way of living can take a toll on our bodies, particularly during times off high stress. It's easy to skip meals, relaxation and sleep when you've got a big deadline looming, despite your body needing exactly all of these when stressed! Multivitamins such as Vitamin B5 help keep both your mind and body in great working order during such stressful occasions.  

3.For the keep fit enthusiasts  

Despite exercise being a vital tool to living a healthy and happy life, it does drain you of key vitamins and minerals. Your muscles and joints need a whole host of nutrition to both grow and maintain strength, especially when they have been strained by exercise. 

If you aren't getting the necessary vitamins from your food, it's vital you ensure you get them from supplements when exercising. After a good workout your body's magnesium levels will be depleted whilst your muscles will be craving vitamins such as D and E, as well as iron and iodine. 

If you want to recover quicker it's recommended you consume a multivitamin to keep your muscles and joints happy! 

4.Pregnancy preparation

When pregnant it's not only you that needs those crucial vitamins and minerals. For a healthy baby to develop, they need plenty of nutrition. The NHS recommends taking a folic acid and vitamin D supplement whilst pregnant whilst also stating the importance of iron, vitamin C and calcium. It is not recommended to consume a multivitamin that contains vitamin A however. 

Make sure to begin your supplement program before pregnancy.  

So, what multivitamin should you be taking?  

There are so many multivitamins available now, it can be a real challenge picking one out. We at Sensilab have developed our own, unique multivitamin for women that promises to provide you with all your vitamin and mineral needs. 

The All in a Day Multivitamin for Women is a 100% natural food supplement, suitable for vegans, made up of fruit and vegetable extracts. It was designed specifically for women and their daily needs, helping to protect the immune system, slow down visible signs of ageing and improve cognitive functioning, among many other things. 

All in a Day Multivitamin for Women will provide you with your daily vitamin C, B, magnesium and selenium needs but does not contain vitamin A, so is safe to take before and during pregnancy.

Check out our All in a Day Multivitamin for Women below and see for yourself its wonderful benefits!