Fit for spring: How to increase your fitness with ease


The motivation is great: finally sunshine, finally out into the fresh air, finally more exercise! To shake off winter tiredness once and for all, sport is the best helper. You will quickly become more mobile and improve your fitness.

But be careful: Don't overdo it right away (even if you are highly motivated). Even marathon pros start slowly so as not to overload their muscles. Improve gradually and choose moderate sports like Nordic Walking, swimming and cycling.

Finally outdoor season again

Instead of sweating in the gym, exercise in the fresh air is now the order of the day. It is the perfect time of year to finally start a longer run in the park. Or to go for a bike ride.

Is your motivation just going through the roof? That's good. Take advantage of it. But also build in enough breaks.

The right formula for a spring workout

Your body is just coming out of hibernation. Only slowly do the sleep hormone melatonin and the happiness hormone serotonin balance each other out properly. This can lead to the famous springtime tiredness. You may also feel a little "rusty" and less mobile than usual.

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Your immune system is also probably still a little "spring tired". The lack of light in the dark season and more frequent colds and infections have left their mark. With enough vitaminsminerals and trace elements you can create a powerful basis for an active lifestyle.

Our tip: Start your outdoor workout moderately and do not overdo it. Train in short and less intensive units. You can then adjust the scope and intensity of your training step by step. Give your body enough time to get used to the new challenges. In this way you will achieve an effective increase in fitness.

Choose joint-gentle sports such as swimming, walking and cycling and perform them continuously. Your well-being will improve significantly and your fitness on top of it!

The fitness formula for spring: moderate load + enough breaks + sports that are easy on the joints

Cycling is the ideal open-air workout


Cycling is one of the most popular sports. Almost everyone has a bicycle in the cellar or on the doorstep. I bet you do too, don't you? So grab your bike and get going. Arrange your rides just the way you like them:

Take a ride through the park, jet off to work in the morning, take a trip through the woods, build in inclines or choose a flat route. Choose shorter, flat routes at first, then later you can add longer rides with occasional climbs.

The good thing about cycling: The sporty can be combined with the pleasant. Sightseeing, errands and joint tours with friends provide plenty of variety. And along the way you enjoy an effective full-body workout that is easy on the joints and significantly improves your fitness and endurance.

Also fun: Guided bike tours and holidays by bike

Holidays by bike are also becoming more and more popular. Flat routes are particularly suitable. Routes that run along rivers and canals are also ideal for leisure cyclists.

If you are going on a cycling tour lasting several days, you should ideally have trained for several months. This way you can manage the stages without any effort and concentrate on the beautiful landscape.

Have you ever taken part in guided cycling tours? Local guides will show you beautiful and interesting things in your surroundings in small groups. In addition to already known routes, you will also get to know hidden paths and new attractive cycle routes. This is fun, keeps you active and you meet nice people. You might even meet cycling enthusiasts with whom you can train regularly. Oftentimes local bike clubs will offer guided bike tours with certified guides. Oftentimes local bike clubs will

And please do not forget your helmet: With it you are always safe on the road.

Get fit gently: Nordic walking and swimming

With Nordic Walking you also start fit into the spring. The movements are controlled and even. The joints and muscles are spared. In addition, a stay in the fresh air stimulates your metabolism and boosts the production of serotonin.

While swimming you train many muscle groups and protect your joints. It is important that you perform the movements correctly. When breaststroke you should not stretch your head up too much (but rather exhale into the water) in order not to overload the cervical spine. When crawling, not only the muscles are moderately strained, but also those of the supporting and locomotor system and the cardiovascular system.

So that you always feel spring-fresh when exercising: Drink plenty of water - preferably pure or, if you prefer, slightly diluted with fruit juices. This is the only way to ensure that your body is sufficiently hydrated and can show what it is made of.