Spring fatigue: 5 tips to get going


Every year anew we get tired of spring. It's amazing, actually. Because right now we should be bursting with energy: The sun is shining, temperatures are rising, the winter gray has finally disappeared. But instead we feel tired and weak. Why is that?

The inner clock is still set to winter time

In winter nature takes a long break. And also with us everything runs a little slower: we do less and sleep more. Our body comes to rest and regenerates as best it can. To do this, it slows down the metabolism a little and produces large quantities of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Then the turnaround: the first rays of sunshine announce spring. In our heads we are already ready, but our body cannot change over so quickly – it is still in winter mode. It takes two to four weeks for our inner clock to adjust properly. Our well-being increases!

Spring fatigue: This is what happens in the body

When it gets warmer outside, our blood vessels dilate. This causes our blood pressure to drop suddenly and we suffer from tiredness, listlessness and dizziness.

In addition, it is assumed that we become neurobiologically imbalanced in spring. The sleep hormone melatonin makes us sleep deeply and restful. The happiness hormone serotonin is activated by light and lifts our mood. At the beginning of spring these two hormones are not yet properly balanced. This can cause tiredness and headaches in some people.

5 tips against spring tiredness

1. Off into the sun

The happiness hormone serotonin is activated by sunlight. Therefore, fill up with sunlight as often as possible - ideally on uncovered skin. The face and arms should be free when sunbathing. Half an hour is recommended.

2. Moving in the fresh air

After the long winter, it feels so good to get out more. Combine your stay in the fresh air (oxygen!) with a little exercise: go for a walk, take a bike ride or get off one stop early and walk the rest - if you take active exercise every day, it boosts your metabolism and serotonin production.

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3. Drink plenty of water (1.5 to 2 litres)

If you drink too little, the blood circulation deteriorates and the brain is no longer optimally supplied with oxygen. The result: you feel tired, weak and unfocused.

4. Tank up on energy and nutrients

Vitamins, vital substances and minerals get our body going. To support the metabolic processes, a balanced diet rich in vitamins is recommended, especially with B VitaminsVitamin CBiotinMagnesiumCalcium and Iodine. In addition, you can take high-quality food supplements. Avoid unbalanced diets - especially in spring. If you eat too little, you will become tired and absent-minded.

5. Alternating showers

It takes a lot of effort, but it's worth it: alternating showers with hot and cold water will get you going. To do this, change the water temperature several times while showering: hot-cold, hot-hot, hot-cold, and in the end always cold.