A flat belly’s worst enemy!

You may be progressing on your weight-loss journey but can’t seem to get that flat belly. What if we told you that the belly pooch might not be stubborn fat but merely bloating? 


Swollen ankles, bloated stomach, puffy face... These can be the source of many frustrations when you’re trying to reach your body goals. This happens as the body starts retaining fluid and can significantly hinder your weight-loss progress and can be a huge demotivating factor. Plus, it’s so uncomfortable! 

Bloating – the flat belly’s enemy

Bloating is something that many of us struggle with, but what causes it? What is the culprit behind the discomfort in the abdomen that impacts our day-to-day life? 

The main reasons can actually be divided into two categories: gut health and water retention. Both make it hard to stay on your weight-loss journey. 

1. Gut health

Gas. Yes, the primary thing behind bloating is gas. This may have something to do with what and how you eat and drink – eating too fast, not chewing enough, consuming legumes, carbonated drinks, etc. How much gas your intestines produce also depends on your digestive enzymes and the bacteria in your gut, as gas is a by-product of digestion. 

Bacteria are the key issue here – when the gut microbiota is off balance, meaning there are more bad bacteria than good, the main sign is bloating as the bad bacteria create excess gas

No wonder you feel like you swallowed a balloon! 

2. Water retention

Water retention is super common, but it can be very uncomfortable – it doesn’t only cause bloating but also puffiness. One way to determine if you’re retaining water is to look at your face. Are your cheeks and under-eye area puffy? That is the first sign! 

Several factors contribute to water retention: high sodium intake, dehydration, sitting or standing for a longer period of time, hormonal fluctuations, and dry air. 

It’s really unfortunate how easy it is to no longer be able to fit in your favourite jeans! 

Get rid of bloating with WaterAway Biotic 

Changing your lifestyle and diet seems the right way to go, but it may not give you the fast results you crave. We recommend incorporating WaterAway Biotic into your daily routine – 87*% of users felt satisfied with the results! 

WaterAway Biotic is a natural diuretic with a probiotic effect for alleviating bloating and fighting water retention. Support your tummy by: 

  • Giving it gut-friendly probiotics 
  • Increasing water elimination by up to 27*% 
  • Reducing bloating by 60*% 
  • Boosting weight loss 

Eliminate bloating in one fell swoop! Try WaterAway Biotic today and get one box for free. 

*Disclaimer: The effects of the product may vary between individuals and could differ from those described on the website. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease or serious illness. Maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is important. 

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