The dangers of sleep deprivation 

The struggle of not getting sufficient sleep is real! 1 in 3 adults suffer from sleep deprivation! In these strange times we live in, most of us have forgotten that lack of sleep can often lead to serious consequences for our body and mind.

Harri: "I lost 7 kilograms. My motivation is at an all-time high and I am happier than ever."

Harri works as an elementary school counsellor in Finland. After gaining a bit of weight, his confidence decreased and he felt like he needed a change. Hepafar products helped make it happen!

Oestrogen – the hidden enemy of men

Shrinking muscle mass, increased hair loss, tiredness, focus problems, mood swings, hot flashes, reduced sex drive, enlarged breast tissue… This may surprise you but these are not just the side effects of growing older...

Francesco: "My digestion is better, I got rid of bloating and lost weight"

While Francesco describes his body type as normal, rather muscular, the closure of his gym during lockdown has taken a toll on his shape and overall well-being; Francesco started to struggle with his self-esteem too and realised he became uncomfortable in

Shelley had a very positive experience with AdrenaLux

Shelley is a 41-year-old Social Worker from the UK: ”I am a curvy woman, size 14 (42). After I became a social worker, 6 years ago, I …

Natural help for the liver

Fatigue, irritability, bloating, poor digestion, and difficulty losing weight can all be signs that the liver is overloaded.