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How to keep your intestinal flora in balance with food supplements

We all know digestive problems. Whether cramps, flatulence, constipation or diarrhoea - quite unpleasant. But it doesn't have to be that way. If your digestive system gets out of balance again, you can easily take countermeasures yourself.

A restless digestive system is sometimes unbearable: It rumbles, growls and buzzes, and can be painful. About 7 out of 10 people suffer from gastrointestinal problems. But a normal intestine is vital for us. It prevents bad viruses, bacteria or fungi from spreading in our body and fends off dangerous inflammations and diseases. If we are healthy, 85 percent of useful and only 15 percent of harmful intestinal bacteria can be found in the intestine.

If the intestinal flora is permanently disturbed, this can have serious consequences: Rheumatism, skin diseases like neurodermatitis as well as allergies, tiredness and even depression.

For normal digestion and a healthy intestine, it is therefore important that you eat a balanced diet.Prebiotic and probiotic foods are particularly good. They supply the intestine with health-promoting, i.e. beneficial bacteria. Probiotic foods are for example: yoghurt or buttermilk. But fibre-rich foods can also help: Cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Also avoid stress and allow yourself enough sleep. Do something for your own well-being: How about a nice bubble bath, an interesting book or go out into nature.

It is also important that a healthy intestinal flora can have an effect on your immune system. A disturbed intestinal flora can weaken your body's own defences. Therefore, keep your intestinal flora in balance and do your immune system a favour.

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